As you know, my last post was about being absent because of my pregnancy. My 3rd trimester was becoming very hard and extremely tiring. I was so busy with setting up everything for the baby and doing my spring cleaning. Here I was thinking I could take my time. I had one more month! Little did I know, a couple of days later I would go into early labor. I could not hide my excitement to be finished with being pregnant but at the same time I was terrified of possibly having a pre-term baby.

I was so happy to not be pregnant anymore. I couldn’t sleep at night and the nap I would take during the day was never long enough. I had horrible insomnia and when I finally fell asleep, I couldn’t get comfortable and I would be in so much pain. My hormones were taking over my entire body. I had a really short fuse and was obsessed with nesting. I felt so badly because my patience with Vera had changed so much. I couldn’t stop moving things around and cleaning my house!

Like I mentioned earlier, I was so scared to have a pre-term baby. I had not read or knew much about it. All I could think of was whether I would have help at home, whether I would need a C section or even would have to leave the baby in the ICU. All of it terrified me!

It all started on the Monday night. I was laying in bed when all of the sudden some liquid rushed out of me. I thought my water had broken! I was confused because with Vera I felt exactly the same, except this time.. it stopped. I decided to wait it out because the next morning I had an appointment with my obstetrician. At the appointment I was told everything was well. I went home and at 2:30am, the same thing happened. Fluid rushed out of me but this time it didn’t stop! I was having contractions every 5 minutes but I did not have any pain. I really did not expect this after my obstetrician had just told me I was fine. I decided I should go to the hospital just in case

Finally, at the hospital they told me my water had broken and I was dilated 3 cm! They said I was not leaving the hospital and I was going to be giving birth. The plan was for me to wait to dilate naturally and then start pushing.

The process was so long! My contractions were not getting any closer and I was not dilating any more. Finally, at around 10am, my contractions became
intense and I asked for the epidural. Unlike the first time, the epidural was a horrible experience. The doctor didn’t apply enough local anesthesia and I felt everything! I felt so much pain and pressure in my lower back. Soon after, it kicked in and I felt breezy and was able to fall asleep. They did another check up after that. Nothing had changed but I was bleeding a lot. I was told I had a membrane rupture and they would have to induce me. Finally, at 4:16pm, I was ready! I was able to slightly feel my contractions and they prepared me to give birth. I asked the nurses to guide me to push. They helped me to control my breathing and I only pushed when they told me for as long as they told me. I pushed 4 times and I felt Hunter coming out.

I had been told many times the second time around would be easier but it wasn’t true in my case. The first time I knew it was happening and I expected it. This time I was still in the process of getting things ready. At least I had the basic things in order, the bassinet, the clothes and my hospital bag. My mom was away on vacation but luckily my sister was able to come help us instead!

Baby Hunter was born Wednesday March 28th at 4:25. He was 5.5 lbs, 36 weeks and 3 days. I was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t stop crying
when we received him. It’s incredible how love works. My heart could explode with love for him. Vera had never seen or spent any time with Hunter but the connection between them when they first met was undeniable. I am so happy to have the love of my life right beside me and to have our second baby join our beautiful family. This motherhood journey with Vera has been so beautiful and I can’t wait to create more beautiful memories now that Hunter has joined us.. We are so blessed that he was healthy and we didn’t have any complications.




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