I never wake up on my own anymore. I have 3 alarms! My first alarm is Hunter waking me up. The second one is Vera waking me up. The third one is actually my phone’s alarm. I set up my phone alarm at 7 am, just in case the kids sleep in. We have to wake up this early to make sure we don’t run late. The first thing I do when I wake up, is feed Hunter. I do this laying in bed, while I try to actually come back to life. While I do this, Vera will start to call my name. I go to her room and I change their diapers. After this, we open all the curtains and make the beds. If we are not going out, I will pass the vacuum. Then, I offer Vera some milk and we start to prepare breakfast. Once we are done eating, it’s time to get ready

The first one to get ready is Vera. I get her dressed and get her socks, shoes and bag ready at the entrance. Then it’s my turn! I have to make sure that Vera can not get to Hunter while I shower. I put him in his bassinet, close the bedroom door and I have a quick rinse. When I’m getting dressed and doing my hair and make up, I open the door and install the baby gate. This way if he starts to cry, I can hear him and I will put him in the carrier. Hunter is the last one to get ready to avoid doing it twice. For some reason, babies always need a new diaper or spit up right before leaving! I feed him, change his diaper and change his clothes.

I feed Hunter on demand but he has a schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He always eats right before us so I can be free when we eat. Of course it doesn’t work out that way all the time, but I try.

Right after dinner, it’s time to get ready for bed. The kids have a bath every night. I take Hunter and Brandon takes Vera. Brandon puts Vera down and I feed Hunter again and put him to sleep. I wake up Hunter again before I fall asleep, between 9pm and 10pm.




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