There is nothing I love more than deep cleaning my house. Before, I would do everything in a weekend. Now, it takes me about a week. This year, spring cleaning is right around the corner from my Baby’s birth! I am going to be combining my spring cleaning with nesting.I love cleaning so much! Since Vera was born, it is not as simple or fast. I try to schedule the work through the week to get everything done. I work with a room per day plus another big chore. For example Monday, I clean the kitchen + wash Frodo and all his stuff.

I use the same list to tackle everything there is to do in each room. I like to use a list so I don’t forget anything and so I do not get side track. I have a basket for the random things that don’t belong in the rooms. I put these things away once I’m finished everything.

When I clean, I like to start from the top down to the floor. That way things don’t get dirty again. I start with the fans, lights, mirrors, windows, furniture or cabinets, baseboards and last the floors. Before vacuuming and washing the floor, I make sure everything is in its place.

Once every room has been finished it’s time to do the things that take the longest, clothes and documents. I try to leave this for the weekend so Brandon can go through his stuff too. We change our clothes and shoes for the new season. We store away what we’re not using under our beds in storage bags. When I organize these, I also try to de-clutter! We get rid of things that we didn’t use the last season and know we won’t use again. I love folding everything into standing rectangles in baskets instead of piling up things.

To finish we do our balcony. We start by washing the windows and rinsing the furniture. To wash our windows we use the same brush we use to clean the car windshield. It’s perfect because it’s long to reach all the way up. To rinse the furniture we bring it into the shower. We just water it with the hose and run a brush over it. Once everything is dry we put down the rug and set up the furniture and Vera’s toys.

This year while I do my spring cleaning, I will also set up everything for Baby Hunter. This time is really easy because we are not using a lot of things. I am only decorating a corner of my room where he will be set up for the first few months. I am setting up a bassinet with a canopy and some basics like diapers and wipes under it. They will share closet space with Vera. He will have his toy basket in the living room.




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