Over the past few years I have been trying to focus on hobbies that satisfy me. Some were reading books, writing, but most of all, I loved sports.

Finding something that fits you can be very difficult. Sometimes you will be very motivated, you will find strength in starting something new. But as time goes by, you will notice that your motivation sinks, sometimes we will skip it or we will find other activities that seem productive.

As soon as I noticed that that happens to me, I like to sit down and think about it. I like to grab a pen and a paper and start writing all my goals. Having and making new goals is such a wonderful thing. It helps us grow, it helps us to be more confident and more consistent. I find it very interesting, each goal has its own way to go. But having too many goals can be very overwhelming sometimes (at least for me it is). Thats why I decided to take it day by day. If I’m going to set a goal of working out 4 days a week, I will have to sit down every night and remind myself that I can do it. I will have to set a goal each night to concentrate in my strengths and the amount of success I would like to have.

This is why I say: Take your goal day by day. Its not bad to have many goals, instead, it is very admirable. But as you focus more on daily goals you will find a new level in yourself of achieving greater things in your life.

Finding a better you will become a stronger chapter in your life. It helps me to keep myself healthy and fit.

xo, Carol

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