The City of Peace

Funny story…. As my relationship deepened with my husband questions like where would we live started to pop up. Of course for many this question means his, hers or new apartment? For us it meant… who is leaving their country behind… and so it began.

The discussions started. He spoke enough spanish and perfect english. Why not Canada? Then there was the statement of well… I speak perfect english, good spanish, could get by with french and my German was not so terrible that I could not learn… I mean I lived in Italy for a bit so it’s not like Europe was a foreign concept completely. Then it was well… let’s be fair we could move to England. We both spoke perfect English so it would not be hard to integrate. Neither of us would be picking their country over the other. It would be fair to both of our families as it would be similar situations on both sides, etc., etc. Life went on, we left it at that. In the end my husband stayed after his studies and ended up living in Canada for 4 years.

At one point he said, so what about moving to Germany? I said okay let’s think about it, it’s only fair. So the planning began.

I said: “Let’s move to Frankfurt, I have friends and my brother lives near.”

His come back was: “Hmmm…. It does not really work with what I want to do for work.”

And so the process began. In our search we found Osnabruck the next biggest city to where my husband was raised. I had visited there a couple of times for last minute christmas shopping and our arrivals from traveling.

  • I found it pretty
  • I thought it is big enough
    • I won’t completely stand out,
    • some people may speak english, making my transition easier slash finding work
    • it has a university so I can continue my studies eventually
  • Although it was big enough, it was small enough that I would be required to learn and speak german forcing me out of my comfort zone and helping me learn the language

(Yes, the first things in German that I got down pat by myself were shopping and ordering food…. What can I say? A girl has got to eat!)

  • it’s not that far from his family
  • it was taking at least one hour drive less when I would eventually drive to see my brother
  • Our church was in this city
    • = More SLEEP, less driving
  • it has a small airport
  • it does have a train station
    • with a direct connection to the bigger cities but most importantly to Amsterdam Airport which meant traveling back across the ocean for a direct flight was possible!

And so it beat out bigger cities. It is a good combination of what we need at the moment. Even though it is a city, it still holds so much German culture and allows for a little inter nationality to not stand out. We were really lucky and were able to find an apartment close to the city center (yes!! For shopping and being in walking distance to activities! This meant I could be a bit more independent while my husband had the car) and really close to the train station. With time I learn the city was an important city because of it is rich history. I was casually chatting with a very close friend back in Canada when she suddenly exclaim: “Why didn’t you tell me you were living in the city of peace!” I was a bit baffled, I had no idea what she was talking about. She then went on to explain that those cute turning works of arts were to celebrate the end of a big war. That this city finally brought peace and relief for many at that time. They signed a treaty here. How ironic this would be where our mixture of backgrounds would give us a home.



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