Another big mile stone! Hunter has turned 1. He has officially enter the toddler phase and he is a big boy.

I can not believe this time has come. I must tell you, this year has been the fastest year in my entire life. Hunter turning 1 was a different experience compared to when Vera turned 1. Even though it was filled with much excitement and happiness it was also very sentimental. 

If you are a mother of more than one and you stay home with both of them, maybe we feel the same way. 

I felt nostalgic that his first year went by so fast. Almost as if it was not long enough. It is hard to have to share my time instead of having all my attention for him. Even though we did classes and activities together, it was simply, not the same. 

We didn’t have enough time to do all the classes and activities we did with Vera. Play dates were also not the same. Most of our play dates were with Vera’s friends doing big kids activities. 

However, every time Hunter has a great time. I can see how excited and interested he is. Being around the older kids and doing these activities are very beneficial for him.

Using the word compare is not fair because every child is different. It could be personality, interests, it could be that they are developing in different areas. 

However as hard as I try, mom guilt always tries to sneak in. I think, is it because I don’t dedicate enough time or pay enough attention to these details. Constantly, I try to find the balance. Paying enough attention to Hunter so he can learn but continuing to give Vera a toddler the interaction that she needs. On top of that, I have to make the time to keep up with the household. But most importantly never to forget to take care of myself.

I guess, motherhood is different every time with every kid. And so I remember all the parenting classes I attend and tell myself. You are enough and you are doing great. This year went fast, was busy but above all was incredible. 

I have never felt or witnessed so much love. Watching Vera and Hunter grow together has been amazing. The way Vera loves and takes care of Hunter is the most special feeling. Every time I see Hunter trying to do what Vera does and how quickly he learns from her is incredible. I am so thankful because Brandon and I are able to work as a team and support each other. This has made this journey easier.

All of this experiences and feelings have made our family grown closer and stronger.

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