I can and I will. That’s my motto! We have many dreams and what can we do to satisfy us? Turn those dreams into actions!

Traveling has always been on my bucket list. I find it satisfying, it helps me grow, especially if I want to integrate with other people. At first I used to be very shy. I’m pretty sure that’s a problem almost every woman has… being shy is nothing to be embarrassed of. It’s normal, sometimes we are afraid to leave our comfort zone but I feel like as we talk to more local people and integrate with the culture, our shyness will disappear little by little. If we have a desire to travel and get to know the world, we will have to put our shyness aside. You guys… it’s a wonderful feeling to do that.

As a child my parents would take us to Spain, every year a different place, but still in Spain. Spanish people are so open and loving! Their culture gives you a big smile and a warm feeling in your heart. The food is so unique. Of course each country has their unique food options but I’m a big fan of Spanish tapas! THEY ARE DELICIOUS! I treasure my memories very strong because I know I will be able to pass it along to the new generations.

As time went by I found the love of my life. My husband is my world! He’s a travel lover too! Thank goodness!


Our first year we did CANADA, TORONTO AND MONTREAL AREA, NEW YORK CITY and TAMPA, FLORIDA. All of that in just one month… I mean that’s a pretty good start! We were broke but somehow we still made it. Every time I look back I like thinking that we challenged ourselves to accomplish one of our biggest goals: to get to know the whole world! Challenging yourself to do something beyond your daily routine helps you grow. You learn to be self-reliant. You get the chance to escape your daily routine. You get to show the world how awesome you are! I think we should be able to challenge ourselves at least once a month. It doesn’t sound a lot but if you have a very busy routine, once a month will do.

Like I said before… you will escape from your daily routine. Escaping sounds so fulfilling. I feel like every time you do something different you get to appreciate more things. Appreciation is one big step of embracing! Embracing yourself, people you love or people you will get to know will open many doors in your life! At least it has for me! This is why my husband and I make it a goal to always embrace the culture we are within. Also I find there are way more activities you can do. Of course being a tourist is nice, I love it! But doing some activities with locals are even better! That’s where you get your experience from!

I’m grateful for that experience, because it really prepares me for our next adventures! Where to go next? That’s actually one of our questions right now. We would love to visit some islands and learn from their cultures. Soon we will be able to, YESSS! We are working hard, saving everything we can and to be honest it is freaking hard, because my hobby is to spend money, at least that’s what my husband tells me, oh how sweet he is! But all the savings are so worth it. No one will serve you your dreams in a big plate. You have to move and turn those dreams into actions.

Why do I travel?


xo, Carol

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