Two weeks ago, I looked up our calendar and saw that Alejandro and I had two days off under the week. Since the weather was looking great I told him to make a road trip to the temple in Switzerland. It takes 2,5 Hours to get there from our house and having just fixed our car we had the chance to go.

We packed our stuff the same day, my mom called the hostel (its right next to the temple) and reserved a room for us. We had to wait the whole day to be able to leave with our car. On one hand because it was freaking hot outsite and on the other hand because our car is so old that there is NO AC. Anyways, I had the whole day to relax and do some shopping, I bought some snacks, picked up my little brother from school and as soon as he was home I headed to my house.

It was getting darker and the heat was gone, all the sudden it started raining like crazy, but somehow that was not a surprise for us, lol, welcome to Germany, the wonderful country of rain. Like I said before, the trip only took us 2,5 hours and to be honest I fell asleep the whole way. Thank goodness Alejandro wasn’t tired. As soon as we got there, it didn’t take us long to get our room and leave our stuff in there. I took the chance also to shower and picked the most comfortable clothes to wear.

Since we didn’t have a proper meal, we decided to go to Mc Donald’s. OH HOW YUMMY IT WAS! That’s what we get every time we travel! A burger with fries but please do not forget the Mc Flurry with BROWNIE! Oh my! I didn’t feel that bad eating all that stuff, because I had actually done my workout the very same day.

Switzerland LDS Temple

The next day we woke up, cleaned up the room and went to the temple. It was such a wonderful and good experience, again! Right after the visit we headed back to… Mc Donald’s, it was good, again… But we made it home safe, this time it was freaking hot in our car. The air was just not for us in a car without AC, but anyways, what would be a road trip without any challenges?

Even a challenge like that wouldn’t stop me from having a two-day road trip. We have the chance to do it. We work hard so we can afford something like that. And I just can’t stop saying how grateful I am, that we live in Germany, a small country where you are able to go anywhere, when ever you want! That’s always going to be our benefit from living in Europe! That was our June trip.. where to next? Well next month I’ll update you guys.

xo, Carol.

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