Not all of you know, but I am a croupier. I work at the casino in Baden-Baden, Germany. This casino isn’t comparable to all the other casinos. This one is very old, has a lot of history and is very fancy. Its based in downtown Baden-Baden and almost every rich person goes there to visit. I have met singers, the german soccer national-trainer, Joachim Löw, and even one of my childhood favorite actors, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. I know they are all german people but they are all high society people!

As a croupier you learn how to deal with people, nice people, annoying people.. all kind of characters. I started with american roulette. After six month I also started working in Black Jack. Two games. More fun now. Even though its the same casino, those two games are just so different. The atmosphere is different in each game. But that’s not all… after being one year at the casino I also started working in french roulette. Its my favorite out of all. You get to sit down, and work as a team. You laugh, talk, play and repeat. I get to use my gift of languages. German, Spanish, English and Italian. Yup… you get to speak all those languages in one week. It becomes a routine, it’s not even hard, in fact, I love speaking different languages, I feel so blessed and proud of my gift of tongues.

This job sounds all so much fun but if I’m being honest with you, it became one of my biggest challenges this year. The schedule is different than normal working hours. We work at night time. Our shift starts at 7:30 PM and ends at 2 AM. So, basically you get the whole day to relax and do whatever you want, which is not that bad but the one thing I do find bad, are the weekends. We don’t get the weekends off. Its hard sometimes. Sometimes I just want to be able to have a date night with my husband on a Saturday night and then go to church the very next day but unfortunately that won’t be possible anymore for this year. We have decided to keep working this year, so that way we can save up some money. My husband and I have almost the same schedule. We see each other every day at work, I am grateful for that, because I couldn’t be satisfied if we wouldn’t see each other every day!

We get 51 days of vacations for the whole year. No too bad, eh? We get to travel when ever we have our days off, since Europe isn’t that complicated to travel. We get to travel throughout the year thanks to all of our vacation days. We get paid every vacation and every sick day (which by the way its totally normal in Germany).

If I look at all the benefits we have of being a croupier then I shouldn’t be complaining about our lives. But here is the thing: I do. I miss my Sundays off. I miss my nights off. I miss my normal sleeping schedule.

But what can I do to stop complaining? If I ponder that question, I will stop complaining because we have a job that allows us to save up for our future house, it helps us to save up for our university and allows us to travel to every destination we desire. I always try to focus on the positive side. I am grateful for our job that allows me and my husband to have food on our table every day. Who knows what the future might bring, but for now I know that I AM A CROUPIER!

Alejandro and me working on New Year’s Eve

2 thoughts on “A DAY IN A LIFE OF A CROUPIER

  1. Hello Carol,
    wow your work sounds very though ! I don‘t know if I could deal with those working hours. But it‘s great to read that you can handle your work-life-balance so good. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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