Lately I haven’t been able to have a full workout session. In April I sprained my foot and it was terrible. I had made a goal of running 30 km each week, lol, and as soon as I made that goal I had a little accident while being on a run in the middle of the park. I thought maybe it was just to much run, so I went home and didn’t think a lot about it. The days went on and I continued with the workout (at least 5km run per day) but as the days went by I felt like my foot was breaking. The pain increased and I thought: Shoot I forgot to stretch… so I did. The very next day I went for another run but this time I couldn’t even run for 20 minutes. The pain so was strong I had to stop running and sat down for about 15 minutes. After three weeks going on and off with the pain I decided to go to the doctor and to be honest I was just going to ask for one sick day, so I could rest and don’t move, don’t do anything, just be at home and rest like a lazy pants. Anyways, I went to the doctor and guess what ONE DAY BECAME TWO WEEKS. He literally wanted me to stay home for five weeks but I told him I would be fine if its less, so he gave me two weeks of sick days (luckily we get paid our sick days in Germany). Now there I was… doing NOTHING. Three weeks later we went on our Canada trip and I started running again. But here is the thing I ran twice thats it because I was so scared I would hurt myself again that I couldn’t do more. Once we came back home from our vacation I went back to the doctor, told him everything was fine (which bye the way it wasn‘t a lie).


I had to start doing my workout but very slowly. I started with 30 minutes again but I soon realized that even that was too much. So I decided to go a level down… just 20 minutes and I loved it. It wasn’t too little and it wasn’t too much. It was a perfect time to start running again. I felt like doing the same amount of exercise than with 30 minutes and I started to sweat way more, I guess because I was going slower than before, my body worked more and I lost a bit more calories. I loved it. I started doing 20 minutes 5 days a week and I went back to my old routine. Now after 2 months I kind of created a plan so I do every other day my 20 minutes and the other days at least 30 minutes. It feels great people!!!

How do you do your workout? Do you have a specific schedule or do you just go for it?

xo, Carol

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