The Explorer


There is a quote I once read in my first year of University and it has stayed with me. It goes something like this: “True education does not consist merely in the acquiring of a few facts of science, history, literature, or art, but in the development of character.”
― David O. McKay

I was in University, set dead in becoming a psychologist. I was so focused on my studies and then this quote came. I meet a lot of internationals that year. I had always thought that my circle of friends and my knowledge of cultures was big enough until that year. YOLO was a huge thing, and well this group of people they were there on an exchange and their motto was to live that exchange to their fullest. I saw a hunger for learning not just in the classroom but also in life that intrigued me.

You know that saying: Life comes and goes so they say we should live to our fullest. Well, I’ve always tried to live by that since then. And now I’ve decided to let you into a different part of my life. And that’s my passion for traveling and learning about other cultures. Learning about new cultures, going out of my comfort zone, seeing how other people live and why they live that way, helps me grow each time. I learn new things about myself like how I can rely on myself, or the capabilities I have to plan things. It shakes my character because I want to understand other people. I want to take all the good from each culture and learn to appreciate each of their qualities. And most importantly I want to help my character develop with each thing I learn.

So guys I’ll be opening up a section as well on traveling! This year there are some smaller trips that I’ll be making around Europe. So stay tune for a picture of me and @happilyeverrivera in the coming weeks as I’ll be visiting the lovely Baden-Baden.

And well two big trips! One will be to China ❤ and the other will be going back home and visiting @madamerivera.mtl for Christmas!

*This image is not mine. I got it off pinterest years ago and I still find it beautiful.

Hope you’ll enjoy this section too! And let’s be real if you have any tips on what to see or try, and where to stay… don’t be shy. Drop a comment!

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