Last week my friend and I planned a trip to Europa Park, Germany’s largest theme park. If you want to enjoy it even more, try to go under the week, everyone is at school and if there are more people than expected its fine too. JUST GO AND HAVE FUN!

All the rides were amazing! I want you to know something before I keep writing: I AM A VERY CRAZY PERSON when talking about roller coasters! I love it. I can go on and on for hours without getting sick and it gets better when you go with someone as crazy as you!


We started our trip around 9AM and it took us almost one hour to get there. Once we got there we started speed walking towards our adventure! Europa Park has different sections, the names of the sections are different countries. So let’s say when you enter Europa Park you enter the park in “Germany” following that you’ll be in “France”. Each country has its own traditions and its own roller coasters. It’s amazing!


My favorite roller coaster is in “Scandinavia”. THE BLUE FIRE. In only 2.5 seconds you will be catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h and the feeling is great, your adrenaline is high and you just want more and more… and that’s what we did, since there weren’t many people we went right for another ride. We loved it! Also we were so lucky to have good weather, we got buuuurned! There’s nothing better than getting a little more tanned before your actual vacation. We wanted to cool down so bad so we decided to go to the Waterpark section in “Greece”. We got wet from all the water roller coasters, walked around for hours with wet shirts but the feeling was just so satisfying.


We stayed there the whole day which is understandable if you pay 50 Euros per Person. We walked kilometers that day since the park is huge too. Later we were so tired but we didn’t want to be tired, so we went for another ride, then we had to walk back because we really wanted to eat some chicken from “Germany”, loooooool, it was delicious! When we got home, I fell asleep like a baby sheep. THE TRIP WAS SO WORTH IT!

My friends, In my opinion if you have the chance to go out with your spouse, parent, brother, sister or friend then do it! You can treasure those memories and have a lot of fun! You will never be too old for fun and you will never be too busy for a laugh!

xo, Carol


  1. Hey Greens,
    It was soooooo fun🎢🎢🎢🎢!
    Thank you for that wonderful day!!! Loooooovvveee yaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
    XO Beans 😉

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