As you know, I am not the first to jump into fashion trends. This summer, I am in love with some trends that I think will become classics. Why do I think that? Well, I have used them before they were so popular. The biggest trend I am into are hair accessories.

I have always been crazy about hair bands. Did it start with Gossip girl? I am not sure. I really love them. I also love to use them to be at home to just keep the hair off my face.

My second addiction are hair scarfs! I love how they can serve so many purposes! You can use them on your hair, on your neck, your bag, there are so many options!

When the hair clip look came out, I needed to get my hands on all the pretty clips ASAP. I think that these add the perfect feminine and classy touch to every look.

Scrunchies were something I was not completely sure about. After trying them and discovering how comfy they are, I fell in love. I love to use them with my comfy outfits. I think this really completes the look!

I love shopping at HM and Forever21. They always have cute items for great prices. Another store I always look at is Antrhopology. I usually shop for accesories there when they have sales. My favourite about all these is being able to share them with Vera! What about you, do you use hair accessories?

I am thinking of starting IGTV to do some hair tutorials and show you how I incorporate my favourite accessories! Make sure to follow me on Instagram! @MadameRivera.MTL




2 thoughts on “SUMMER HAIR

  1. Omg! I love the idea of sharing your hair accessories with your daughter. I just realized I do that too! Its the sweetest thing 💕 love the styles on the pic here!

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