Hi y’all! This past month was an up and down for me. I started the month with a hardcore workout and diet. I kept my calories each day for the first two weeks and did my workout every other day for the first two weeks. Everything went great… until we had our family over. LOOOOL.

Having family over is one of our favorite things to do. We have fun, we laugh, we eat, we laugh again and play some boardgames. Everyone tries to win the games and at the end of each game we laugh again, because folks, WE ARE VERY COMPETITIVE, ESPECIALLY MY HUSBANDS FAMILY! After that week we had my sister over with her little baby girl, so guess what: MORE FOOD! I love food… what more can I say…

But here is the thing since we had family over and we had to work at night time, we didn’t really get the chance to workout how we wanted to. I mean, I rather stay with my fam than doing my workout (I know, I know, it shouldn’t be an excuse but for me it is.. looool) family means everything to us! After two weeks we went back to our normal schedule, waking up, eating within the calories, doing the workout we want to and at last going to work, and repeat.

We only have 10 days left then my husband and I will be going to Spain and we will be spending there our vacation with my family for two weeks… at the beach! YES BABY! So I challenged myself to do my workout even just harder! I am still eating my calories but I want to level up my workout. Today after a very long time I went for my 10 km run.

I have challenged myself to do at least another 5 times 10 km before going to Spain. This new challenge is pumping me up and I’m so down for it! I think I will be able to reach my 20.000 steps per day while doing that challenge. You guys, challenging myself means so much to me! I can show myself that I’m trying to be more self-reliant and more responsible to my goals and actions!

Are you up for new challenges? If yes, how do you challenge yourself?

xo, Carol

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