Before having kids I never really worried too much about what I ate or even when I ate. Almost every night after work I would dine out or simply just order in. If I had time during lunch, I would usually just eat protein bars. Breakfast was my only priority simply because it is my favourite meal of the day. To be completely honest I didn’t know how to cook. I did not like it and it seemed like a complete waste of time.

When I became a mother, everything changed. Food became one of the biggest priorities in my life. Now what I eat not only affects me but it is my responsibility to ensure my family has a delicious meal they can enjoy and more importantly, one that is healthy and nutritious. My journey began at my community center, Tyndale St. George. I attended workshops with a nutritionist who taught us about food quality and a balanced diet. I also attended other classes and learned how to cook healthy snacks and how to make the process of cooking enjoyable. It soon became something that I truly loved to do with the kids.

I learned that one of the easiest ways to make certain your children are getting plenty of healthy nutrients is by always choosing fruits and vegetables that are of different colours. It is also super imperative that they have something green every day. Timing is so important. I found that fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious when they are harvested and eaten at the right time.

I absolutely loved visiting the farmer’s market Le Marche Bio Local at Quartier Dix30! I was so happy to not only be able to find good quality food but it was all LOCAL and ORGANIC! All of the produce is harvested the day before and delivered to the market so everything is as fresh as can be. The produce comes from farms surrounding Montreal, no further than 150 kilometres away.

Thursday, September 26 will be the last time they pop up for the season until next summer. The local farmers work so hard driving into town and setting up their cute market booths. They choose the best fruits and vegetables, packing them carefully for families to enjoy. I love how the market area is super kid-friendly. They closed down the streets so there are no cars and they also have a cute sitting area where you can read books with the kids! Make sure to come over next week from 3pm to 7pm! Bring your kids and choose the perfect pumpkins to paint or carve for October.




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