This year has gone by so fast and I can’t believe that we are already in NOVEMBER. You know.. every time I think about November my mind starts getting all those red/yellow leaf-vibes.

I have been in different countries around this time of the year and it is remarkable how beautiful each place is. So different but so similar at the same time.

We lived in Spain for two years and let me tell you, you ain’t gonna see any red leafs over there. Fall was like a chill summer night, you could enjoy the summer vibes to the fullest.

Once I served my mission in Canada, I experienced one of my favourite colourful and magical fall season of my whole life. I had never seen so many colours at once and if I did then I probably never noticed them. But the year I spent in Canada was magical. I loved wandering through the streets, greeting people, talking to them, doing some community service but most of all I loved taking pictures with different leafs. I even collected one and kept it in my diary ever since that day.


Oh sweet November, you are cold but you are also warm. Your colours put a smile on my face every time I go out. Your breeze brightens up my soul and the sound of your wind in between the trees refreshes my thoughts.

Now that I’m in Germany for this time of the year I have been trying to find different spots with different colours. And let me tell you: there were many places that made me feel like home. It makes me feel very comfortable to see trees in the woods, the peace I feel every time I go for a run is always going to be unique.

What more can I say? I guess y’all know that November is my favourite month of the year.

What is your favourite month of the year? (besides December and Christmas time of course)

xo, Carol

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