Hello hello, hallo hallo, hola hola, bonsoir, and ciao. My name is Adriana and I’m just your normal type of girl if there is such a thing as normal.  I live in Osnabruck, Germany, was born in Guatemala City and consider myself Canadian. So yeah pretty typical.

I’m 26 years old. If I reach 10 years in Germany I’ve pretty much lived about each ⅓ of my life in a different corner of the world. I’m an equalist, a realist and love to try to empower people. Right now I’m again on a journey to integrate myself in a new culture so there is always up and downs. This has lead me into a journey of understanding, challenges, passions and questions. One of them being who am I? What defines me? Who do I want to be? Where is home? What helps me integrate? What helps me keep me sane through this roller coaster?

Come and follow me in my journey. You’ll get to know about my feelings, my passions and experiences. I’ve been told I can be a little too honest, I hope you don’t mind. Let’s have a laugh and learn together?

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Bis bald!