This year has gone by so fast and I can’t believe that we are already in NOVEMBER. You know.. every time I think about November my mind starts getting all those red/yellow leaf-vibes.

I have been in different countries around this time of the year and it is remarkable how beautiful each place is. So different but so similar at the same time.

We lived in Spain for two years and let me tell you, you ain’t gonna see any red leafs over there. Fall was like a chill summer night, you could enjoy the summer vibes to the fullest.

Once I served my mission in Canada, I experienced one of my favourite colourful and magical fall season of my whole life. I had never seen so many colours at once and if I did then I probably never noticed them. But the year I spent in Canada was magical. I loved wandering through the streets, greeting people, talking to them, doing some community service but most of all I loved taking pictures with different leafs. I even collected one and kept it in my diary ever since that day.


Oh sweet November, you are cold but you are also warm. Your colours put a smile on my face every time I go out. Your breeze brightens up my soul and the sound of your wind in between the trees refreshes my thoughts.

Now that I’m in Germany for this time of the year I have been trying to find different spots with different colours. And let me tell you: there were many places that made me feel like home. It makes me feel very comfortable to see trees in the woods, the peace I feel every time I go for a run is always going to be unique.

What more can I say? I guess y’all know that November is my favourite month of the year.

What is your favourite month of the year? (besides December and Christmas time of course)

xo, Carol


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I love living an active lifestyle. This is one of the most important attributes that I would like to pass down to my children. Living an active lifestyle is great for your health, physically but also mentally. One of the ways I like to teach my kids to be more active is by always choosing to walk or bike if possible. I try to do things in the vicinity to avoid having to drive. Before the kids, Brandon and I loved to bike around the city. I biked to get to work every day and during the winter, I would use public transportation. Since moving to Montreal I haven’t felt the need to own a car. I love that about living in my neighbourhood. Everything is so accessible!

Last Saturday it was a beautiful sunny day and we went to Old Montreal with the Triobike Mono. This beautiful and stylish family bike is made in Denmark and is for sale or to rent at Allo Velo. When I first saw it, I thought about how it was a great idea since it is so convenient! I could get places faster than with the stroller and there is so much storage space to bring whatever my heart desires. However, I was a little intimidated by the size and the added responsibility of having to ride with my children in it. A lot of questions came to my mind. The first one was, will I be able to balance it and is it hard to maneuver? I also thought about the kids. How safe is it for them? But I had to give it a try!

Very quickly all my worries went away and I fell in love when I sat and started to ride.

I should start with how safe I found it for my children. I was happy to see that the beautiful leather seats come with 5-point adjustable seat belts to keep them seated properly and safely. The wagon also has a retractile hood which will protect them from harsh weather conditions. Snow, rain or too much sun, this is perfect all year round! The design is tailored to fit the needs of families. All the materials used are easy to clean and the box even has a self drainage system! Eating snacks and drinking milk, no problem! Taking care of your wagon is so easy with very little maintenance.

Since I am a petite girl, I was a little concerned about the size and weight. I was wondering how easy it would be to keep stable and how easy it would be to maneuver. The Triobike Mono is actually one of the world’s lightest and safest cargo bikes! The biggest and best part of all is that the bike balances on its own. I was super surprised by how easy it was to use! With all the different gear settings, I had no problem going up steep hills. I really especially liked how easy it was to steer. The brakes are perfect. They are built using the same design and mechanism as a car. This feature is one of my favourites because it makes me feel much safer.

The Triobike is all about your freedom to choose and express who you are. It will take you where cars cannot go. Choosing more economical and sustainable modes of transportation is a great way to be an example in our children and to make a positive impact on the environment. Living this kind of lifestyle will teach our children that they can indeed make a difference. The Trio Bike Mono is such a great alternative.

 Triobike is used  by families all across Canada! What kind of footprint are you leaving on this world for our children?



Just as promised. Let’s continue with a lighter topic and go back to my off the beaten path and random trip. Warnemunde is the port which is only 13 minutes by car and a 25 minutes ride by metro.

It is quite a different area than Rostock. While in Rostock, I felt still connected to the mainland but once I stepped off the metro at Warnemunde it felt like I had stepped up on to a holiday. As we approached the station, there where so many cruises right besides us, it was kind of incredible. I’ve never been on a cruise and now I’m thinking of putting it on my bucket list.

All of the ships where different sizes and even so they were honestly at least 6 times taller than me. So it really felt as if at any given time we could sail away. Instead of getting on a boat though, we turned away from the boats to enter into the small town of Warnemunde. I find small towns quite interesting because even if their size is small they can have lots to offer. This little corner of the town had a lot of restaurants and shops to buy traditional german souvenirs or just modern everyday clothing and souvenirs. We did do a little bit of shopping but all the while it was great to show how different the old style houses in Germany looked.

It was a pretty neat experience because it wasn’t just buildings that reminded of an age that I assimilated with fairytales but there was a fountain that made me think of the story: Pay The Piper from Disney. The fountain is certainly not about that story but it just made think of it since the first guy is playing a flute. To be honest we didn’t look at a map so I’m not 100% sure on which street it was. I just know we were walking towards the open sea to the light house.

It might have been summer but with the wind in Warnemunde I do recommend a light scarf simply because the wind gets strong and then it does get a little cold. It really was only a day and after the day was gone I sat down at the train station back in Rostock and had the most amazing cup of hot chocolate that I had in a while. It was really creamy and sweet just my way to warm up. Then I took the train home another long way. By the time I arrived the sun had set and I was greeted by the turning lights that tell the story of my life now.


You know, there is something precious about time. It can feel like a blink of an eye, as if it was only a dream or it can feel as if it extends throughout infinite time. The most interesting thing is, it can feel like all of it at once. It was a day. We saw two small towns. We explored and forgot about time. And it was one of my best summer days.

Time does go by. I don’t have many pictures of when I was a child since I’ve moved countries multiple times but seeing people again after a while you realize how precious the time you have with each person is.

“It’s all in the view. That’s what I mean about forever, too. For any one of us our forever could end in an hour, or a hundred years from now. You never know for sure, so you’d better make every second count.” -Sarah Dessen




Before having kids I never really worried too much about what I ate or even when I ate. Almost every night after work I would dine out or simply just order in. If I had time during lunch, I would usually just eat protein bars. Breakfast was my only priority simply because it is my favourite meal of the day. To be completely honest I didn’t know how to cook. I did not like it and it seemed like a complete waste of time.

When I became a mother, everything changed. Food became one of the biggest priorities in my life. Now what I eat not only affects me but it is my responsibility to ensure my family has a delicious meal they can enjoy and more importantly, one that is healthy and nutritious. My journey began at my community center, Tyndale St. George. I attended workshops with a nutritionist who taught us about food quality and a balanced diet. I also attended other classes and learned how to cook healthy snacks and how to make the process of cooking enjoyable. It soon became something that I truly loved to do with the kids.

I learned that one of the easiest ways to make certain your children are getting plenty of healthy nutrients is by always choosing fruits and vegetables that are of different colours. It is also super imperative that they have something green every day. Timing is so important. I found that fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious when they are harvested and eaten at the right time.

I absolutely loved visiting the farmer’s market Le Marche Bio Local at Quartier Dix30! I was so happy to not only be able to find good quality food but it was all LOCAL and ORGANIC! All of the produce is harvested the day before and delivered to the market so everything is as fresh as can be. The produce comes from farms surrounding Montreal, no further than 150 kilometres away.

Thursday, September 26 will be the last time they pop up for the season until next summer. The local farmers work so hard driving into town and setting up their cute market booths. They choose the best fruits and vegetables, packing them carefully for families to enjoy. I love how the market area is super kid-friendly. They closed down the streets so there are no cars and they also have a cute sitting area where you can read books with the kids! Make sure to come over next week from 3pm to 7pm! Bring your kids and choose the perfect pumpkins to paint or carve for October.





Hello friends, it’s been a while since I posted last time. There were a lot of things going on but most of all just a lot of work to do. We had the most amazing trip ever.

My husband and I went with my family to Spain. My parents and my two brothers decided to drive over and it took them exactly 24 hours to get to Almeria, Spain. Me and Alejandro flew over to Malaga. We got there on Monday the 12th of August. We were so tired but so happy and excited to go to the beach.

To travel and to feel comfortable we decided to rent a car that way we could go where ever we wanted when ever we wanted. It took us 2 hours to get to Almeria and the weather was just smooth! Roquetas de Mar is a city part of Almeria, it’s a very touristic area and we found such a cute apartment to rent for the two weeks. It was just 400 meters away from the beach, so my morning runs were absolutely amazing!

So there we were… we had two weeks to enjoy and relax to the fullest. On the very first day once we got to the apartment we rested but not the whole day, I really wanted to go to the beach. In the evening I went to the beach with my parents while Alejandro stayed home and slept a bit longer.

And I’m just going to be repeating myself from now on. We went to the beach every single day. I woke up around 8AM and went for a morning run that way I could start my days with a good mood and enjoy all the food I wanted to eat. Around noon we were all ready to drive over to the beach. It took us about 25 minutes to get to the beach called “el Zapillo”. We would rest right in front of some palm trees but close enough to the water.

All of you should know I haven’t been to Spain for the last four years so my skin was like super white. My whole family was just super tanned already and I looked like a freaking cheese right next to them, looool. I just went straight to the water and started swimming. We had bought some diving goggles and snorkel and explored the whole waters. We saw many fishies and so many shells it was just so unbelievably beautiful!

My friends, we ate so much food. There was so much meat and argentine biscuits to try. I ate so much chocolate I thought I was going to be diabetic looool that’s how much sweet I ate. Good thing I was doing my workout in the morning. We even tried this ice cream place called “be waffle” and it was delicious. You could create your own waffle ice cream and OF COURSE mine had NUTELLA and DULCE DE LECHE! daaaaa!


One night we went out to “la feria” it was like an attraction park. There were some games to play and it was so big, I felt like we walked the whole evening. But at the end of the night my husband made it so worth the walk. He won a stuffed animal for me, a dog, we called him Charlie. He is now officially living in Germany with us.


We can all live in our deepest paradise but each dream comes to an end. Two weeks in paradise weren’t enough to explore but it was enough for my soul and spirit to rest and recharge. I truly needed it, I needed to go somewhere else and explore something new. I needed to swim every day and look for fish. Even though fish aren’t really my best friends I had the best time of my life with those little guys.

Folks, if you have the chance to go somewhere and explore something then do it. It will recharge your spirit and you will be able to focus more on important things. Being lost in a paradise is the best thing you can do, especially if you create your own paradise in your own way.

xo, Carol


Thank you @laylaimperatori @popandcinfetti @tipienfete @sweetbite.bakery for sponsoring this post.

As you know, I love hosting, organizing get-togethers and planning parties. I really enjoy being able to get creative and to search for the perfect items and have good that makes me feel content.

I can’t believe Vera is already 3 years old. I am so lucky to have been able to stay home with her for the past 3 years. I love watching her grow and change. In the past year, she has developed so much! She is so happy, always singing and running around. She is such a bright little girl and I am so thankful for her. This birthday was very exciting for Vera because she could really understand the concept. As her birthday approached, we talked many times about what theme she would like. She had so many ideas but the one that always came up was the dinosaurs. Vera loves dinosaurs so much. Every night we read dinosaur books and sing dinosaur songs. Finally, we decided this would be the perfect theme.

When I started to plan the party I found Claudia, the owner of @tipienfete. She organizes theme tipi parties. When I saw her safari theme, I had to incorporate it to my party. This summer we took the kids camping for the first time and they loved it so much. I decided to create camping with dinosaurs theme. She has the perfect military style tipis, wood-like cushions to sit on, a toy camping fire set, flowers and vines to decorate and a picnic table set up for all the kids to sit at. It was perfect to create a cute and girly camping atmosphere.

We also set up a table for the cake, food and tableware. The center of attention, of course, was the dinosaur cake Vera had been asking for. But the table would still be incomplete without the perfect decoration details to finish it off.

Angie the owner of @sweetbite.bakery was the creator of our cake. The cake was not only beautiful, but it was also so delicious. She made us a 3 tier cake, vanilla flavour with confetti inside. It was such a cute cake, she made the colours match the rest of the decorations perfectly. Luckily, we had enough to take home so we could eat after!

@popandconfeti is one of the first stores I started to follow when I moved to Montreal. They are owned by 2 mothers, Anna and Sophie. They have the nicest party supplies! It was always a dream of mine to be able to use their plates for my parties. They supplied us with our birthday supplies. Since we had the dinosaurs and army tipis, I wanted to add a touch of pink. We got all the decorations and tableware in pink. I love how they chose the confetti plates as a special touch to the pink. They can also do customized orders.

We had a party at the park and it rained on us 3 times. Everything was amazing. All the details came together to have the perfect camping with dinosaurs theme party. We were surrounded by our family and our best friends. We had so much love and happiness and Vera had a great time. This was such a special day for us to celebrate Vera. I wanted to make sure we could save it so when Vera is older she could see how much she means to us. Thank you @laylaimperatori for capturing this day and showing all of the beautiful feelings we shared at Vera’s party.


Hi y’all! This past month was an up and down for me. I started the month with a hardcore workout and diet. I kept my calories each day for the first two weeks and did my workout every other day for the first two weeks. Everything went great… until we had our family over. LOOOOL.

Having family over is one of our favorite things to do. We have fun, we laugh, we eat, we laugh again and play some boardgames. Everyone tries to win the games and at the end of each game we laugh again, because folks, WE ARE VERY COMPETITIVE, ESPECIALLY MY HUSBANDS FAMILY! After that week we had my sister over with her little baby girl, so guess what: MORE FOOD! I love food… what more can I say…

But here is the thing since we had family over and we had to work at night time, we didn’t really get the chance to workout how we wanted to. I mean, I rather stay with my fam than doing my workout (I know, I know, it shouldn’t be an excuse but for me it is.. looool) family means everything to us! After two weeks we went back to our normal schedule, waking up, eating within the calories, doing the workout we want to and at last going to work, and repeat.

We only have 10 days left then my husband and I will be going to Spain and we will be spending there our vacation with my family for two weeks… at the beach! YES BABY! So I challenged myself to do my workout even just harder! I am still eating my calories but I want to level up my workout. Today after a very long time I went for my 10 km run.

I have challenged myself to do at least another 5 times 10 km before going to Spain. This new challenge is pumping me up and I’m so down for it! I think I will be able to reach my 20.000 steps per day while doing that challenge. You guys, challenging myself means so much to me! I can show myself that I’m trying to be more self-reliant and more responsible to my goals and actions!

Are you up for new challenges? If yes, how do you challenge yourself?

xo, Carol