A romance between a lawyer and a top actress, whose life goes downhill after becoming caught up in a scandal with a third generation chaebol. She fakes her position to become the lawyer’s secretary in order to star in a famous writer’s drama.

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Audtio Korean – Sub English

Why are we loving it?

Can a K-Drama get any cuter?! I love all the office romance! The main character Oh Yoon-seo is so cute! I love how funny and silly she is. This show has me totally addicted.





I decided to open this section on my blog because this is something that truly brings me joy.

Let me tell you how it all started. When I was pregnant with Vera, I got bed rested. Multiple times! I always hated the idea of having a TV in our bedroom. Little did I know how much I would start to use it.

One day while resting in bed and scrolling through Netflix, the Korean Dramas came up as an option. I was out of options and needed something to watch. I decided to give it a try! My very first K-Drama I watched was “Cunning Single Lady”.

This drama, changed my life! I watch the first episode and I was hooked! I cried, I laughed, I giggle like a little girl, it was a whole ride down emotions lane. It was sooo cheese and sooo cute and ultimately my new favorite thing to watch. I could not help but to be emotionally invested with all the characters. I could not stop watching! I could not stop telling people about it. I love the actors, the fashion, the culture, the make up!

Eventually through the amazing community building platform that Instagram is, I found other #K-DramaLovers! I created my own #K-DramaClub. Here we talk about everything KDrama. We choose a Drama to watch and every Sunday we discuss the episodes.

So I will open up a post for each drama that we watch in our club and you can feel free to comment and share your thoughts.





As soon as I arrived in Montreal, I knew I would live here. It was love at first sight. I had a feeling of belonging in this city as I was looking out the window when train arrived.

The first time I came to Montreal was in the summer of 2014. I came to visit Brandon who already lived here. I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the summer here!

My favorite thing about Montreal is how many parks and cafes there are. I love seeing people riding their bikes and walking down the streets. The city is so pictures.

Montreal has so many different districts, all with a different vibe and look. Most of them have a little shopping and food area. They are all connected through metro train and bus making it very easy to navigate through the city.

You can find a little bit of everything here in Montreal. We have many markets, we have lots of green areas the busy downtown and more easy going neighborhoods.

I live in Griffintown, my favorite place in Montreal. I have always been and forever will be a city girl. I love that we have everything around us. Anything you can think of is walking distance! We have downtown to do all the shopping. Old Montreal is literally down the street to feel like in Europe. The Lachine Canal is a great place to be outdoors, walk have picnics and go on bike rides. If you get hungry there are lots of trendy super cool restaurants and cafes, the best part is that you can bring your dog to so many of them! Pharmacies, banks, grocery stores they are all on my way to the kids school and park. I love that even though we are so close to downtown we are still able to have a family oriented lifestyle as well. We have a great community center with amazing classes for the children and children parks every few blocks.

I love my lifestyle in Montreal! Being able to walk everywhere really makes me feel so privileged. This is so good for our health and for our environment and it is the example I want to give to my children.