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I love living an active lifestyle. This is one of the most important attributes that I would like to pass down to my children. Living an active lifestyle is great for your health, physically but also mentally. One of the ways I like to teach my kids to be more active is by always choosing to walk or bike if possible. I try to do things in the vicinity to avoid having to drive. Before the kids, Brandon and I loved to bike around the city. I biked to get to work every day and during the winter, I would use public transportation. Since moving to Montreal I haven’t felt the need to own a car. I love that about living in my neighbourhood. Everything is so accessible!

Last Saturday it was a beautiful sunny day and we went to Old Montreal with the Triobike Mono. This beautiful and stylish family bike is made in Denmark and is for sale or to rent at Allo Velo. When I first saw it, I thought about how it was a great idea since it is so convenient! I could get places faster than with the stroller and there is so much storage space to bring whatever my heart desires. However, I was a little intimidated by the size and the added responsibility of having to ride with my children in it. A lot of questions came to my mind. The first one was, will I be able to balance it and is it hard to maneuver? I also thought about the kids. How safe is it for them? But I had to give it a try!

Very quickly all my worries went away and I fell in love when I sat and started to ride.

I should start with how safe I found it for my children. I was happy to see that the beautiful leather seats come with 5-point adjustable seat belts to keep them seated properly and safely. The wagon also has a retractile hood which will protect them from harsh weather conditions. Snow, rain or too much sun, this is perfect all year round! The design is tailored to fit the needs of families. All the materials used are easy to clean and the box even has a self drainage system! Eating snacks and drinking milk, no problem! Taking care of your wagon is so easy with very little maintenance.

Since I am a petite girl, I was a little concerned about the size and weight. I was wondering how easy it would be to keep stable and how easy it would be to maneuver. The Triobike Mono is actually one of the world’s lightest and safest cargo bikes! The biggest and best part of all is that the bike balances on its own. I was super surprised by how easy it was to use! With all the different gear settings, I had no problem going up steep hills. I really especially liked how easy it was to steer. The brakes are perfect. They are built using the same design and mechanism as a car. This feature is one of my favourites because it makes me feel much safer.

The Triobike is all about your freedom to choose and express who you are. It will take you where cars cannot go. Choosing more economical and sustainable modes of transportation is a great way to be an example in our children and to make a positive impact on the environment. Living this kind of lifestyle will teach our children that they can indeed make a difference. The Trio Bike Mono is such a great alternative.

 Triobike is used  by families all across Canada! What kind of footprint are you leaving on this world for our children?



Every time you move, wether it is from one country to another country or from city to city, it always takes a while to find your favourite places. First things first… though a girl has got to eat so usually the grocery stores are the first things you look for and then you go onto other things. Where do you hang out? What do you explore? Where will you go when you need a break? Where will you go when you want to be outside? And the list goes on.

Of course there is always your favourite stores. But I mean you can only go to it so many times in one week without buying anything. I don’t know I feel a little guilty if I keep going in without buying anything…. Do you guys feel like that too?

So I’ve become more in tune with the outdoors. I mean I try to walk around my town and explore. Thanks to my sister in law (*shout out to Carol ❤ @happilyeverrivera) I started to think okay maybe I should also explore the surroundings like forest, etc. And guess what?! I found we actually have lots of place around Osnabrück to hike. They are really pretty and peaceful.

I knew I liked to be around water so one day I got in the car with my husband and we looked on google maps which was the closest lake around. Turns out its actually about a 10-15 minutes drive in the city. It’s surrounded by a forrest where you can walk around, it has a small restaurant, some play parks, enough green place to have a picnic, they have some pedal boats and near it there is a mini golf course. This place is perfect. It’s like a little piece of heaven where I can disconnect from the world. I’m not going to lie it is the perfect place to go on a date. Sometimes it’s just nice to go out of the city but still be in it.

I like to go there and disconnect from my everyday life and take some time to recharge. I recharge my focus and find a balance in life. It’s such a nice place that I love bringing people there as much as I like going there by myself. Being surrounded by so much nature makes me feel the need to disconnect from anything that is not right in front of me which helps me be able to connect with the people right in front of me.

I think part of wellness is also recognizing when you need time alone and when you need social contact with other people. As humans being we will always crave contact with other people, the only difference is the amount of time we need. Wellness is extremely important and you have to take care of it yourself. Sometimes when we immigrate finding a routing, a place, a connection, getting everything ready, specially here in Germany where there is so many documents to prepare feels like it’s too much. But things that are rushed rarely end up well so it’s important to be patient with yourself, find a place where you can breath and take care of yourself. Make some time to explore not only your surroundings but yourself too.




How many of us have heard the phrase: If you don’t love yourself, no one else will? or At the end of the day, all you really have is yourself.

There are many more sayings along those same lines. Which one is your favourite?

The thing is we all have heard or said it at one point or the other. But do we practice it? I for one can tell you there are days that I do and days that I let it slip. Each year I say to myself: I’ll put myself first and I’ll work on my wellness. #NYResolutions……Fast word and when I moved to Osnabrück I said okay let’s try it again. But words without actions are just that… words. So I’ve been trying to do more active wellness.

But first let’s understand what wellness is…. What is wellness? According to the “noun. 1. the quality or state of the body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.”

Each of us is different and so each of the things that work for me may differ from what could work for you. Yet I find that it never hurts to try something to see if it helps better the quality of my life. So what are some tips you have to re-find balance in your life?

One of the things that helps me sometimes it’s to take 5 minutes and do something for myself like paint my nails myself. I play with the colours and sometimes try to combine them with my outfits for the week. Sometimes I want them to look special and go for a bold colour, and sometimes I just go with a very light pink/nude or clear so it goes with everything.

My favourite brand for my nail polish is Inglot. They are a Polish brand I believe. I find that they have so many different kinds but which ever I use they don’t damage my nails. One of the things i used to hate when doing my nails as a teenager was when my nails would turn yellow due to painting them. But with this brand I’ve actually had a really good experience. My cousin introduced me to it and I swear I cherish these nail polishes.

I usually sit in front of my couch, choose a movie on Netflix, get some snacks and all my nail polishes and then start doing my nails. It really does help my quality of life because I feel like it makes me remember that I am important enough. That I do deserve to be pampered. Sometimes I’ve heard people say that means then I’m too high maintenance and it makes me think for a second. But really putting yourself first just for a couple of minutes is not being high maintenance. It is allowing myself a bit of wellness.





Fathers day is here at least in Canada. In Germany it was a couple of weeks ago I think. Either way there are dues that need to be paid. My relationship with my dad is complicated to say the least. He is not perfect and never has been. I can see all his flaws just as much as his strengths. However it is one of the relationships I truly appreciate, am thankful for and hold dear.

What is a Father exactly? Through out the years and through out cultures the role of a father has changed. As I grew up I learned there was a difference between being a father and being a dad. I’ve seen many types of “fathers” or “dads”. One mayor difference I learned is that it doesn’t take a lot to be a father but to be a dad requires an active multi-role in someones life. What do I mean by that?

When looking up the word father in a dictionary. You will get multiple answers. My favourite is: “be the source or originator of.” I believe this is the most accurate.

Yet when I think of the word dad the dictionary does not do it justice. When I think of dad the following attributions come to mind: love, effort, time, attention, protection, dedication, honesty, support, consistency, patience, etc. etc. A dad has a presence in their children’s life. He makes an impact everyday that helps shape who one becomes. He wants what’s best for his children, he understands what love is and is one of the first persons who teach his children what true love is.

I see my dad try to step up to be a better dad each time. He has raised me, taught me and pushed me to grow. When I told him about the topics of my blog he was quick to try to protect me. He told me: ” Are you sure? Those topics can be controversial. You may get some negativity, why don’t you try to write about something less controversial? More safe.”

However, he has always taught me to go after my dreams and to think about my actions, my beliefs and life. So instead of just saying okay, I went on to explain the reasons I had chosen Immigration and Wellness. His response immediately changed to one of support. He told me to be careful but that my voice was important, that if I truly wanted to do those topics to do it well and to send him the link so he could read it. His tone changed from protectiveness and skepticism to one of support, protection, and love. He had the patience to listen and try to understand where I was coming from.

Throwback to my High School Graduation

He has surprised me in how he has grown and stepped up when I least expected him to. When I struggled with depression and anxiety, I thought he would be the last to understand. And yet he was the first to understand, hear me, see me and show me love. He didn’t question the doctors instead he showed up everyday. He made time and even if it was new territory for him his main goal was to make me understand I was loved, that I could keep going and that I was not alone.

He has taught me that kindness should be given to people just because they are humans. But to also stand up for myself and not to be a doormat. He has taught me that respect needs to be earn each time. He has taught me that every action has consequences. That one needs to own up to their mistakes and to take responsibility. He has taught me that there is always a way, that there will always be a choice. He has taught me that what you did in the past does not excuse what you are doing now. He has taught me that actions and words leave marks. He has taught me that sometimes you have to give up something in order to get something better. He has taught me that it is better to be alone than with bad company. He has taught me the importance of choosing a good partner and a good dad for my children. He has taught me that family is important and that there needs to be unity because we are meant to protect each other. He has taught me that even if you are family that does not give you a free pass to treat each other badly and expect the other to suck it up. He has taught me to be honest. He has taught me that I am valuable and therefore deserve to be treated correctly. He has taught me to ask and work for what I want. He has taught me to laugh when things are hard. He has taught me that it’s okay to fall down, it’s about getting back up whether with the help of someone or by myself. He has taught me that material things don’t make up for the failures at home. He has taught me that material things are nice but they are temporary. Meanwhile love is something we are lucky to have and we should cherish it and take care of it or it will die.

It’s easy to be a father but it takes a special kind of person to become a dad.

Thanks dad for everything. Thank you for reading this. I’m lucky to have you.

If your dad is in your life my best recommendation for a gift would be to give him 5 minutes of your day to make one memory with him. One you can cherish and one that allows him to feel your love.