PASTEL YELLOW – Round neck short sleeve dress. Ruffle appliqué at chest and tie detail at waist. Matching fabric with swiss embroidery.


WHITE – Round neck dress with short ruffled sleeves. Back button closure and embroidered motif. 62% linen fabric.


PINK – Poplin dress with round neck, straps, and ruffled trim. Contrasting front button closure.


LIGHT BLUE – Flowy pants with elastic waistband and front tie appliqué. Front pockets and striped print.


PINK – Shorts with elastic waistband and drawstring. Ruffles at hem and sides.


WHITE – Round neck short sleeve shirt with ruffle trim. Back button closure. Eyelet trim.


BLUE -Round neck shirt with short sleeves. Back button closure, striped print, and front bow appliqué.






NATURAL – Harem shorts with elastic waistband, front pockets, and seam details.


LIGHT BLUE – Denim shorts with adjustable interior waistband and front button closure. Strap appliqué with palm tree print. Five pockets.


ANTHRACITE GREY – Harem shorts with elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring. Front and back pockets.


DARK GRAY – Cowhide nubuck leather sneakers with lacing detail. Elastic lace closure. Back pull tab for ease. Fabric interior lining and 100% sheep leather insole. Thick-soled.


ECRU – Cotton high top sneakers. Decorative topstitching at sides. Side zip closure. Contrasting adjustable laces. Back pull tab for ease. Reinforced toe. Fabric interior lining and insole.


LIGHT BLUE – Lapel collar shirt with short cuffed sleeves. Front button closure and embroidered motif at chest.


NAVY – Basic polo shirt with short sleeves. Button closure at yoke.


WHITE – Textured weave shirt with round neck and short sleeves. Button closure at yoke. Chest pocket.


LIGHT GRAY – Round neck short sleeve T-shirt. Snap button closure at shoulder and star print.


SAND – 100% cowhide leather loafers with contrasting band. 100% goatskin leather insole.


WHITE – Sneakers in a combination of colors and materials with leather details. Adjustable laces and side zipper. Fabric interior lining and insole.





I love walking around for hours, wandering through the woods and smelling the fresh air that comes from the forest through the trees directly into my nose. It gives me such a great satisfaction.

I grew up in the Black Forest Area in Germany. There are thousands of trees but they are not enough for me. Each tree is so unique and each leaf is different to its own kind. There are three main reasons of why I’m so in love with nature.


Number one: Breathing fresh air gives me a kind of energy in my brain, so I’m able to reach even more of the things I planned to reach. Every time I go for a run through the woods I feel like I can go over my potential. I get more strength to run faster and if I start feeling tired I slow down start breathing more deeply and NO KIDDING, I gain all my strength back. Thats actually one of the things that I count them as a magical moment. I love reaching my destinations faster than planned.


Number two: I will repeat it again, it releases my stress. There isn’t actually a lot to say about that. If I’m stressed I can’t concentrate on my daily goals. That’s why I need the nature, it helps me look more far than I can.


Number three: I feel like being in OUTLANDER. Outlander is a drama television series based upon ONE of my favorite authors: Diana Gabaldon’s historical time travel book series. One of the main characters in the series is Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, she is a married woman and a World War ll nurse who gets transported through time from 1945 to 1743. There she meets the other main character Sam Heughan as James Fraser, an handsome Highland warrior. Anyways I could talk about it the whole day. In that series is just so much green, so many trees and wars in between but the romance of Claire and Jamie is UNIQUE! I can only recommend the series. YOU WILL LOVE IT. Even my husband loves the series. So to all that, I feel like being part of Outlander every time I walk into the forest or go for a run in the middle of nowhere.

What about you? Do you love nature as much as I do? And if yes, why?

xo, Carol


Today was our last day of school, and summer is finally full on in Montreal! I wanted to share some of my pool tips to stay safe and have more fun this summer.

One of my favorite things about living in a condo is having a pool. I love how convenient it is! We spend almost every sunny afternoon at our pool. We like to go after the kid’s nap. It is great because the time between nap and bed time is so difficult and tight. Usually the kids wake up in a bad mood which makes it hard to plan anything. Time wise, we have to do dinner, bath time and clean up so we don’t have a lot of time to get ready and go out. With a 1 year old and 2 years old, post nap time everything takes forever and it is a struggle to get out the door. It is so easy to be able to just wake up from our nap and take the elevator to be somewhere fun.

Staying safe in the pool is super important so we can have fun. When I had Hunter last year, I started to think. How will I manage at the pool on my own with two children? They both are so little and they don’t know how to swim. I was really afraid of one of them falling into he pool. My nightmare was that one of the would fall and the other one would follow. Okay, I know it sounds like a movie. But really, with my kids… you never know what they are planning!

My number one rule is that we can not leave the house unless they both have their floaties on. I like to make sure that they are on because this way if they want to jump right in the pool as soon as we arrive it is okay and it will be safe. This is something that has actually happen with Vera. She is so comfortable in the water and she is definitely not afraid. This also helps me not to have to fight by the pool because they don’t want to wear their floaties. Also, we have the rule that once floaties come off we will go home. This really helps us to keep them on since they never want to leave!

We started Vera in swimming classes so she could have more freedom and independence. This has helped me and her so much. She has so much fun and doesn’t need me to hold her. She does her own thing now and I can just watch and hold Hunter. I can not imagine having to hold both of them! Ha, I just don’t think I would go to the pool.

As you know change is usually very hard for everyone, specially for children. Not every kids is as simple as you tell them things once and they magically listen and do it. Obviously leaving the pool to go get ready for bed is less than ideal for any kid. Who wants to stop their fun to go to sleep?! To help to make this transitions easier for my kids I started to set up an alarm. When the alarm goes off it means it is time to go. This helps children to get emotionally ready to go and minimize … tantrums! We actually implement this method for a lot of our daily activities. It is something that has helped me to have an easier day.

I decided to establish these ground rules for the kids. They have really helped us this summer. We have less fights and more fun. Most importantly these are our pool safety rules! The best way to make sure it is easier for the kids to follow these rules is by staying consistent. This way, the rules becomes a habit! They will know what to be expected and it will just be part of our routine.

How do you stay safe by the pool? Make sure to tell me your tips in the comments bellow.





How many of us have heard the phrase: If you don’t love yourself, no one else will? or At the end of the day, all you really have is yourself.

There are many more sayings along those same lines. Which one is your favourite?

The thing is we all have heard or said it at one point or the other. But do we practice it? I for one can tell you there are days that I do and days that I let it slip. Each year I say to myself: I’ll put myself first and I’ll work on my wellness. #NYResolutions……Fast word and when I moved to Osnabrück I said okay let’s try it again. But words without actions are just that… words. So I’ve been trying to do more active wellness.

But first let’s understand what wellness is…. What is wellness? According to the “noun. 1. the quality or state of the body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.”

Each of us is different and so each of the things that work for me may differ from what could work for you. Yet I find that it never hurts to try something to see if it helps better the quality of my life. So what are some tips you have to re-find balance in your life?

One of the things that helps me sometimes it’s to take 5 minutes and do something for myself like paint my nails myself. I play with the colours and sometimes try to combine them with my outfits for the week. Sometimes I want them to look special and go for a bold colour, and sometimes I just go with a very light pink/nude or clear so it goes with everything.

My favourite brand for my nail polish is Inglot. They are a Polish brand I believe. I find that they have so many different kinds but which ever I use they don’t damage my nails. One of the things i used to hate when doing my nails as a teenager was when my nails would turn yellow due to painting them. But with this brand I’ve actually had a really good experience. My cousin introduced me to it and I swear I cherish these nail polishes.

I usually sit in front of my couch, choose a movie on Netflix, get some snacks and all my nail polishes and then start doing my nails. It really does help my quality of life because I feel like it makes me remember that I am important enough. That I do deserve to be pampered. Sometimes I’ve heard people say that means then I’m too high maintenance and it makes me think for a second. But really putting yourself first just for a couple of minutes is not being high maintenance. It is allowing myself a bit of wellness.





Fathers day is here at least in Canada. In Germany it was a couple of weeks ago I think. Either way there are dues that need to be paid. My relationship with my dad is complicated to say the least. He is not perfect and never has been. I can see all his flaws just as much as his strengths. However it is one of the relationships I truly appreciate, am thankful for and hold dear.

What is a Father exactly? Through out the years and through out cultures the role of a father has changed. As I grew up I learned there was a difference between being a father and being a dad. I’ve seen many types of “fathers” or “dads”. One mayor difference I learned is that it doesn’t take a lot to be a father but to be a dad requires an active multi-role in someones life. What do I mean by that?

When looking up the word father in a dictionary. You will get multiple answers. My favourite is: “be the source or originator of.” I believe this is the most accurate.

Yet when I think of the word dad the dictionary does not do it justice. When I think of dad the following attributions come to mind: love, effort, time, attention, protection, dedication, honesty, support, consistency, patience, etc. etc. A dad has a presence in their children’s life. He makes an impact everyday that helps shape who one becomes. He wants what’s best for his children, he understands what love is and is one of the first persons who teach his children what true love is.

I see my dad try to step up to be a better dad each time. He has raised me, taught me and pushed me to grow. When I told him about the topics of my blog he was quick to try to protect me. He told me: ” Are you sure? Those topics can be controversial. You may get some negativity, why don’t you try to write about something less controversial? More safe.”

However, he has always taught me to go after my dreams and to think about my actions, my beliefs and life. So instead of just saying okay, I went on to explain the reasons I had chosen Immigration and Wellness. His response immediately changed to one of support. He told me to be careful but that my voice was important, that if I truly wanted to do those topics to do it well and to send him the link so he could read it. His tone changed from protectiveness and skepticism to one of support, protection, and love. He had the patience to listen and try to understand where I was coming from.

Throwback to my High School Graduation

He has surprised me in how he has grown and stepped up when I least expected him to. When I struggled with depression and anxiety, I thought he would be the last to understand. And yet he was the first to understand, hear me, see me and show me love. He didn’t question the doctors instead he showed up everyday. He made time and even if it was new territory for him his main goal was to make me understand I was loved, that I could keep going and that I was not alone.

He has taught me that kindness should be given to people just because they are humans. But to also stand up for myself and not to be a doormat. He has taught me that respect needs to be earn each time. He has taught me that every action has consequences. That one needs to own up to their mistakes and to take responsibility. He has taught me that there is always a way, that there will always be a choice. He has taught me that what you did in the past does not excuse what you are doing now. He has taught me that actions and words leave marks. He has taught me that sometimes you have to give up something in order to get something better. He has taught me that it is better to be alone than with bad company. He has taught me the importance of choosing a good partner and a good dad for my children. He has taught me that family is important and that there needs to be unity because we are meant to protect each other. He has taught me that even if you are family that does not give you a free pass to treat each other badly and expect the other to suck it up. He has taught me to be honest. He has taught me that I am valuable and therefore deserve to be treated correctly. He has taught me to ask and work for what I want. He has taught me to laugh when things are hard. He has taught me that it’s okay to fall down, it’s about getting back up whether with the help of someone or by myself. He has taught me that material things don’t make up for the failures at home. He has taught me that material things are nice but they are temporary. Meanwhile love is something we are lucky to have and we should cherish it and take care of it or it will die.

It’s easy to be a father but it takes a special kind of person to become a dad.

Thanks dad for everything. Thank you for reading this. I’m lucky to have you.

If your dad is in your life my best recommendation for a gift would be to give him 5 minutes of your day to make one memory with him. One you can cherish and one that allows him to feel your love.




Not all of you know, but I am a croupier. I work at the casino in Baden-Baden, Germany. This casino isn’t comparable to all the other casinos. This one is very old, has a lot of history and is very fancy. Its based in downtown Baden-Baden and almost every rich person goes there to visit. I have met singers, the german soccer national-trainer, Joachim Löw, and even one of my childhood favorite actors, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. I know they are all german people but they are all high society people!

As a croupier you learn how to deal with people, nice people, annoying people.. all kind of characters. I started with american roulette. After six month I also started working in Black Jack. Two games. More fun now. Even though its the same casino, those two games are just so different. The atmosphere is different in each game. But that’s not all… after being one year at the casino I also started working in french roulette. Its my favorite out of all. You get to sit down, and work as a team. You laugh, talk, play and repeat. I get to use my gift of languages. German, Spanish, English and Italian. Yup… you get to speak all those languages in one week. It becomes a routine, it’s not even hard, in fact, I love speaking different languages, I feel so blessed and proud of my gift of tongues.

This job sounds all so much fun but if I’m being honest with you, it became one of my biggest challenges this year. The schedule is different than normal working hours. We work at night time. Our shift starts at 7:30 PM and ends at 2 AM. So, basically you get the whole day to relax and do whatever you want, which is not that bad but the one thing I do find bad, are the weekends. We don’t get the weekends off. Its hard sometimes. Sometimes I just want to be able to have a date night with my husband on a Saturday night and then go to church the very next day but unfortunately that won’t be possible anymore for this year. We have decided to keep working this year, so that way we can save up some money. My husband and I have almost the same schedule. We see each other every day at work, I am grateful for that, because I couldn’t be satisfied if we wouldn’t see each other every day!

We get 51 days of vacations for the whole year. No too bad, eh? We get to travel when ever we have our days off, since Europe isn’t that complicated to travel. We get to travel throughout the year thanks to all of our vacation days. We get paid every vacation and every sick day (which by the way its totally normal in Germany).

If I look at all the benefits we have of being a croupier then I shouldn’t be complaining about our lives. But here is the thing: I do. I miss my Sundays off. I miss my nights off. I miss my normal sleeping schedule.

But what can I do to stop complaining? If I ponder that question, I will stop complaining because we have a job that allows us to save up for our future house, it helps us to save up for our university and allows us to travel to every destination we desire. I always try to focus on the positive side. I am grateful for our job that allows me and my husband to have food on our table every day. Who knows what the future might bring, but for now I know that I AM A CROUPIER!

Alejandro and me working on New Year’s Eve